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Call It What You Will Salinas

Welcome to Call It What You Will.  This is a show that focuses on politics and social issues here in Salinas and our neighboring communities.  We aim to provide interviews that give listeners a more in-depth perspective on local leaders in government and the community.  We are not limited by the word count of a newspaper article or the time constraints of a tv news report.  We are simply some people sitting at a table having a conversation that we hope you find interesting and most of all, informative.  

Our show usually has two formats.  When we have a guest, our show focuses on having those conversations that we hope bring you a better understanding of the politics and social issues of our community.  When we don't have a guest, we tend to just sit around the table and have those random conversations about politics that happen when one sits at a bar sharing a few drinks with friends.  


May 28, 2017

How often when you sat in a classroom did you ever see yourself in a history book?  It is true that there is a vastness to history because of the thousands of years of civilization and the countless events within those years and yet, how often could you open a book and find something that speaks to you?  This week we speak to MILPA. (Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement)  This group looks to build members of our community to succeed in the future by connecting them to their past.  By being grounded in where we have come from, it can be easier to move forward.  Speaking to Rene Casas and Louie Gutierrez, we hear about how MILPA has worked in our community on the issues of leadership, prison reform, and reconnecting with cultural roots.  This week is a lot on how a program that looks to be successful not just today, but 7 generations down the line in order to build a lasting change in our community.