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Call It What You Will Salinas

Welcome to Call It What You Will.  This is a show that focuses on politics and social issues here in Salinas and our neighboring communities.  We aim to provide interviews that give listeners a more in-depth perspective on local leaders in government and the community.  We are not limited by the word count of a newspaper article or the time constraints of a tv news report.  We are simply some people sitting at a table having a conversation that we hope you find interesting and most of all, informative.  

Our show usually has two formats.  When we have a guest, our show focuses on having those conversations that we hope bring you a better understanding of the politics and social issues of our community.  When we don't have a guest, we tend to just sit around the table and have those random conversations about politics that happen when one sits at a bar sharing a few drinks with friends.  


Jan 26, 2017

We talk again with Monterey County NORML.  Ryan Munevar and Joey Espinoza are back to educate us further on the work that NORML does here at home.  Dom recently attended a meeting that was held by NORML and was completely blown away by the level of science, technology, and diversity of people that are coming together as cannabis has been legalized.  This group is nothing like the stereotypical image of a bunch of stoners that just want to get baked and listen to the Dead.  Our discussion touches on topics such as the standards that cannabis will be held to when it is grown, the politics that affect those standards, and the actual development of what standards should be measured.  Listen to the ups and downs the cannabis movement has faced and the utter ridiculousness that small business owners that sell cannabis have to go through in order to deposit their money from sales and pay their taxes.  Listen in to Dom and Raj learn a bit more about what is going on in the cannabis industry here at home.