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Call It What You Will Salinas

Welcome to Call It What You Will.  This is a show that focuses on politics and social issues here in Salinas and our neighboring communities.  We aim to provide interviews that give listeners a more in-depth perspective on local leaders in government and the community.  We are not limited by the word count of a newspaper article or the time constraints of a tv news report.  We are simply some people sitting at a table having a conversation that we hope you find interesting and most of all, informative.  

Our show usually has two formats.  When we have a guest, our show focuses on having those conversations that we hope bring you a better understanding of the politics and social issues of our community.  When we don't have a guest, we tend to just sit around the table and have those random conversations about politics that happen when one sits at a bar sharing a few drinks with friends.  


Nov 17, 2016

It has been a strange week post-election and it shows in this weeks episode.  Our sound board struggles returned with a vengeance as our worry over Walter's whereabouts have left us shaken.  It was an episode of roundtable randomness as we briefly discuss the approved legalization of marijuana, crawling into a quiet hole to avoid the news the past week, and a surprisingly spirited debate over pizza buffets in Salinas.